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Rutter's is a chain of convenience stores and gas stations with 78 locations in Central Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland.


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Former Employee - Team Member says

"No employee discounts Company is quick to give out write ups Do not value employees No benefits for hourly staff"

Former Employee - Team Member says

"Don’t train properly Even though I was part time I was working full shifts A lot of people just sit around"

Former Employee - General Manager says

"other manager constantly throwing other ones under the bus to push there career further extremely cut throat"

Former Employee - Kitchen Staff says

"No breaks. No discounts on food. Poor management. Short staffed. Food and retail overpriced. Kitchen doesnt follow food and safety regulations."

Former Employee - Team Member says

"Horrible Managment Favouritism No time off No breaks"

Former Employee - Deli Manager says

"Working along side people and management that continues to throw you under the bus to advance there career in the corporate realm"

Current Employee - Restaurant Team Member says

"I work in the restaurant and it's horrendous! Training is awful, to many menu items to learn and prepare, not enough staff on to take care of customers properly. No breaks, however smokers can smoke for 5 minutes every 2 hours. Work alone at times and get blown away w/o help, makes you want to quit on the spot! I'm currently looking for employment elsewhere, they claim to be #1, what a joke, they need to make their employees feel like they are #1. Without us where would they be?"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"policy change is constant managers are vindictive if you're sick"

Current Employee - Deli Team Member says

"On the back of the new says best women in convenience yet they don't have tampon or pad dispensers in the women's bathroom...& if your might as well quit. You get no breaks & if you get written up. No paid maternity leave yet it's the best place for women in convenience?? What a joke."

Former Employee - Restaurant Manager says

"Corporate is horrible. They only care about the customer complaints and rumors they hear from disgruntled employees. They do not stand behind their management team. Long hours. 24 hours a day. If someone calls off, the manager has to cover the shifts. If you are the manager you have no other managers at your high vigor to help you. Very time consuming. Not allowed to have a life. Always on call 24/7 365 days a year."

Restaurant Server (Current Employee) says

"This month will be 3 months working there. The managers are disrespectful and have their favorites and treat others unfair. At the work place I work on 3rd shift and I can not get no break and lunch break or anything and plus I’m pregnant and I’m post to eat and everything but they don’t care only their stuff. Don’t ever there bad place to work and they really don’t pay much and they lie."

Customer Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"This is not the place to work at. Employees have no life but to worry about what another employee is doing. Lack laziness disrespectful disgusting management childish I hate working here it felt like working in day care where managers just whine."

Kitchen Staff (Former Employee) says

"Rutter's is a very unorganized, maintained horribly, has a dirty kitchen, and nothing is ever met to health code. The company doesn't offer benefits to their employees. and no discounts are ever given. They rarely have promos or any coupons for their customers. The kitchen staff is poorly maintained and the workers take their time to do anything, You could easily wait 15-20 mins for something that shouldn't even take 5 minutes.nothingeverything"

Restaurant Server (Former Employee) says

"I hated everything about this job they show you no respect they get on you about little things they dont give you no hours unless you been there for a real long time im talkin like 3 years. And this was my first jobb and its just all around baddd"

Kitchen Staff (Former Employee) says

"At my specific store you are not trained. Just thrown in for the wolves to eat you alive. Even the managers aren't trained. For a new store it was VERY dirty. Not the store itself, but the kitchen. Tasks avoided by previous employees. No breaks. No discounts on the expensive food. Cant bring in your own lunch and microwave it. No microwave for the public. Free drinks provided in a cup they give you. I could go on..."

Restaurant Manager (Former Employee) says

"There is no consistancy at rutters at all. They make you feel worthless most the time. They say they are flexible and family oriented. Thats BS. They work you like a dog. They exspect you to be there 24/7. If theres issues or concerns that act like they care but then push the blame on others. They dont investigate issues to the fullest."

Deli Worker (Former Employee) says

"My typical day was doing inventory on the food. And disinfect the counter tops and utensils. I also did prep work. While working at Rutters I gained work experience since this was my first job. The hardest part of the job was being short staff. I enjoyed the benefits having free drinks while at the drinksshort staff"

Resturant (Current Employee) says

"Don’t ever work for the resturant in the Rutters in dillsburg. Especially if you are pregnant! The would rather see you work like a slave then give you slack! The ac barely works half the time and There’s nothing they will do about it !!!"

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"Horrible management. Store manager yells at employees on store floor and in front of customers. Roaches seen crawling under fountain and coffee area. Floors absolutely disgusting. Needles have been found multiple times in the toilets and baby stations. Managers expect you to work if any one calls off and manager will NOT cover any shifts. If you dont do as manager wants she will purposely harass you. Restaurant manager isnt any better... will not take care of issues. Both restaurant manager and assistant restaurant manager rather be outside smoking constantly. Rutters is absolutely disgraceful with how they run a "business". Do NOT work at rutters.Free coffee and fountain drinksNo breaks. Either work your life away or no hours at all. Horrible management."

Deli Associate (Former Employee) says

"horabile do not ever work here the management does not understand at all i quiet because i was out of state do to family and the management knew that and still tried to get me for it"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"this company is a fraud..advancement opportunities come with selling out your whole life and don't think about calling off when it snows..they fire you. figured they would run out of people to hire.. considering their reputation and pretty much only care about profits.half decent pay...hours, company expects to be first in your life...m"

I held many positions here at different levels (Former Employee) says

"After spending years working for this company I saw a lot. I would never recommend working for this company. There is no job security, no real discipline system, and they treat their managers/employees like garbage. Doesn’t matter how good or reliable you are, one day you just might get walked out with a box with no warning.No pros.No free meals, no discounts, no job security, poor work environment"

Team Member (Former Employee) says

"Other employees lack helpfulness and do nothing but judge and complain. The managers threaten to fire employees if they don't do as well as others; others who have worked there for months or even years. The managers also play favorites, allowing some to ignore the rules and punish others for doing the same thing. I was almost 2 months into the job before I started realizing all of it. I'd also like to mention that I worked in the "restaurant" part of my local store, (#36). This place needs to be investigated for its poor health conditions. From making employees work with harmful chemicals with no protection, to the some of the worst possible methods of cleaning. If it was up to me, this company would be shut down."

Restaurant Server (Former Employee) says

"management on the restaurant side is very nice she would do anything to help you and anything to make sure that you were OK and your mental status is OK retail side has a Lotta issues and in my personal opinion think it is ran poorly I have been told from multiple other employees that it is ran poorly and they feel like they get treated unfair if they are not on management favorite list I’ve been told from multiple employees that management on retail side was telling them that there is a difference between nonslip and slip resistant shoes that they have to buy a brand new pair when they just bought a brand new pair literally a week before there really is no difference between nonslip and slip resistant shoes they both serve the same purpose"

Team Member (Current Employee) says

"Was great place to work however noticed favoritism and had to not only do my shift work with other coworker we had to do prior shift work also. Wanted to advance however was told not at this time.NothingNo advancement when told there was haven't gotten a weekend day off unless requested"

Team Member (Former Employee) says

"No compassion for employees, managers are micromanagers. They don't have a care everybody is number and the Manager can hang out outside with people giving the place a bad look . They don't put in a hard day let alone do much.Poor management"

Team Member (Former Employee) says

"I worked at a relatively remote Rutter's location overnight. My duties were in food processing, but also had duties like cleaning, stocking, and dish washing. The management at my particular store was is free fall, with my hiring manager never actually training me and preparing their leave from the company, and the new store manager frequently used foul and threatening language toward me. I left after the first time I met him in person.Free BeveragesShort breaks"

Team Member (Former Employee) says

"Dont waste your time with this company. They do not care for employees at all no discounts no insurance even after full time and hard to get your $.50 increase cause they dont pay attention. I worked there for 6 months and never got my $.50 increase. Favoritism is a big thing there. Being an over night employee does not feel safe.."

Field IT Technician (Former Employee) says

"Dont expect your hard work to be recognized. Have the mindset that every day can be your last because the manger has had many restroom breaks to think it over.You are always wrong because they say so. No communication just write up to terminations."

Team Member/Cashier (Former Employee) says

"What kind of company doesn't give their employees lunch breaks? I never saw such a disdain for and distrust of employees like this place. Stingy and grasping. Clearly there is sweat shop culture from the old dairy farm days in it's corporate DNA. Not a good place for smart competent people to work. Your reward will only be that you can openly stand up front while you try to shove a protein bar down instead of having to stand in the back somewhere that customers can't see you. Plenty of opportunity for advancement if you enjoy Stockholm syndrome."